Jouve Dark Spot Corrector and Brightening Cream

Everyone surely wants to look their best especially when attending social functions. Who wouldn’t want to be complimented for a nice dress or haircut? Of course, everybody. That’s why some people really want to make sure that their outfits are trendy, or that their gadgets are the most latest and their cars the most advanced.

But looking your best doesn’t only mean you have to wear the most trendy dress. It also means you have to be presentable even if your clothes are just ordinary by making sure your nails are cut and your skin is clean. By clean skin doesn’t mean it has to be flawless. But it has to be free from dark spots and any other marks that can ruin the overall beauty of your skin.

Jouvé_BrightenerDark spots are common among those who always expose themselves to the sun. But these could also be hereditary. Either way, you can free yourself from embarrassment brought by dark spots. Just use Jouve dark spot corrector and brightening cream.

Jouve dark spot corrector and brightening cream is one of the products of Ariix under the Jouve brand. It is one of the most effective brightening agents in the world that helps erase darks spots and restore your skin’s beauty.

Jouve dark spot corrector and brightening cream corrects, hydrates and nourishes your skin. It contains pure botanicals that refresh the skin by reducing the appearance of dark spots, and natural essences that visibly improve dry and rough areas for an incredibly smooth look and feel.

This cream also contains multi-functional extracts that moisturize and protect the skin from the harsh effects of environmental stressors, and some chosen elements that make the skin light and silky.

Jouve Brightening Cream

Other ingredients of Jouve dark spot corrector and brightening cream are BV-OSC, Swiss snow algae, coral grass, radish root ferment filtrate, shea butter and a proprietary blend of natural extracts.

BV-OSC is a natural oil-soluble form of vitamin C with anti-oxidative properties that clarify the skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes while Swiss snow algae is an all-natural anti-aging ingredient that thrives in one of the world’s most forbidding climate, the Swiss alps.

Swiss snow algae helps hydrate, rejuvenate and protect the skin from harsh environmental factors.

Coral grass is an extract from a Japanese plant that smoothen rough skin and reduce skin redness.

Radish root ferment filtrate is a natural microorganism derived from the fermentation process of traditional Korean dietary staple Kimchi, which delivers potent moisturizing benefits.

Shea butter is a powerful moisturizer and emollient that naturally promotes skin elasticity and protects it from factors that contribute to aging.

The proprietary blend of natural extracts provides a pleasant aroma to Jouve dark spot corrector and brightening cream.

All these ingredients are completely safe and naturally nourish the skin, making your skin youthful-looking.

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