Jouvé Tightening Serum & Brightening Cream

Jouve Instant Tightening and Restoring Serum

The beauty of the skin will fade overtime, resulting from natural “wear and tear.” Although this is a natural process, you can at least delay, or stop entirely, the process of aging. Through the help of science and nature, growing old can be an exciting and challenging stage of your life.

Jouve Instant TighteningThe most prominent signs of growing old are wrinkles, particularly on the forehead and hands, and sagging of the skin. Yes these are natural occurrences and you can’t prevent yourself from growing old but you can work to erase all these disturbing signs on your face. Just use Jouve instant tightening and restoring serum.

Jouve instant tightening and restoring serum provides immediate effects, giving you visible results in just 90 seconds the first time you use it.

Jouve Instant Tightening and Restoring Serum is a revolutionary advancement in anti-aging that works to visibly minimize wrinkles and age spots, and lifts and firms the skin, giving you a younger-looking face.

This special product contains minerals that provide an immediate tightening effect on the skin, making it visibly lifted. It is safe to use because it contains natural elements that effectively decrease deep wrinkles and skin pore sizes, magically restoring the youthful look of your skin.

Jouve Instant Tightening and Restoring Serum contains groundbreaking ingredients that produce instant response in reducing the appearance of wrinkles for smoother skin.

Even puffiness under the eyes will vanish if you use Jouve Instant Tightening and Restoring Serum, making you look fresh and rejuvenated.

The combination of natural ingredients Snap 8, Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Aloe Flower Extract and Curcuma Longa Extract made Jouve Instant Tightening and Restoring Serum very effective.

Snap 8 is a combination of eight amino acids that reduce fine lines and decrease the depth of creases by naturally relaxing facial muscles while Radish Root Ferment Filtrate is a natural microorganism derived from the fermentation process of traditional Korean dietary staple Kimchi, which delivers potent moisturizing benefits to preserve youthful radiance.

Aloe Flower Extract works to soothe the skin and protects it from damaging environmental factors and sun damage while diminishing or minimizing skin discoloration.

Curcuma Longa Extract is a natural antioxidant that helps calm and soothe the skin.

For Jouve Instant Tightening and Restoring Serum to be effective, apply it onto a clean, dry face and never over cosmetics.

Serum is best used in areas around the eyes, mouth and forehead. Avoid wiping or rubbing it onto skin, just dab or pat and wait for the product to dry. If you notice some excess serum, use either a damp cloth, cotton swab or your fingertips to pat this away.

When used correctly, Jouve Instant Tightening and Restoring Serum can instantly erase all signs of wrinkles on your face.



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